Nelson Hardiman has ranked in the Top 10 (#6) nationally for Best Law Firms for Minority Attorneys (20-49 Lawyers) by Law360.

From the article:

Attorneys of color are still hugely underrepresented in firms’ upper echelons, but Law360’s 2019 Diversity Snapshot shows that some are going above and beyond to put partners of color in their top ranks.

Among the more than 300 law firms surveyed, attorneys of color represent 16.5% of attorneys overall and about 8.6% of equity partners, less than a percentage point increase from last year’s numbers.

Our ranking grouped firms based on their U.S. attorney headcount in order to compare them with similarly sized firms. The firms on our list are above the average percentage of equity partners of color for their size, and in some cases, they greatly exceed their category’s average.

Diversity is a very important aspect of ensuring an inclusive and collaborative work environment. Nelson Hardiman understands that collective strength is achieved by access to diverse perspectives and therefore seeks to create an environment of mutual respect that values differences, ensures equality and empowers our entire team to succeed.

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