Aaron LachantAaron Lachant was quoted in the article, “Pot Ventures Hopeful About Building Buzz,” published in the Los Angeles Business Journal on March 13, 2017. The following is excerpted from the article:

Marijuana’s march toward mainstream acceptance continued in Los Angeles last week with the passage of Measure M, which implements a tax on recreational and medical cannabis and gives the City Council the power to regulate pot businesses.
The local ballot win follows November’s statewide legalization of commercial recreational marijuana sales, victories that have emboldened industry players to emerge from the shadows and advertise their services as any other company would – with some caveats.

“Lawmakers are concerned about cannabis industry advertising, especially as it pertains to children,” said Aaron Lachant, a partner at West L.A. law firm Nelson Hardiman who represents marijuana business clients. “They are seeking to limit the exposure children have to these ads either through an outright ban or through restrictions on how and where advertisements appear.”


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